Quality Standard
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Calbee Tanawat recognizes importance of consumers; therefore organization quality has been set up. In order to achieve the afore-mentioned policy, the company has proceed to HACCP Standard (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) and GMP Standard (Good Manufacturing Practice), which are the important quality in food industry.
About HACCP’s procedure has been adopted since February 2002 by sending a team to be trained about HACCP system and organizing training course for staff. Every manufacturing process was analyzed which covered biological, chemical and physical dangers. The company also formulated danger control and has had constant assessment. The operation principles and followed ;
  • Produce quality and safe product, and reduce waste from manufacturing process
  • Educate staff of all level to have correct understanding of hygienic food processing
  • Organize quality operation and have hygiene food management according to 
  • regulations of standard food programme of FAO/WHO
  • Follow customers’ order, and develop to satisfy customers continuously
  • Observe laws and regulations related to safety of products
  • Deliver quality and safe products to customers on time
Having followed principles dedicatedly and
continuously,the company has been awarded 
HACCP system on 22 August 2003, and GMP system
on 2 December 2003 which are the company’s 
successes in developing towards international standard.
Calbee Tanawat also recognize importance of product’s quality to satisfy Muslim’s consumers, therefore the company has proceed to Halal Certificate since 1998 from Islamic Central Committee of Thailand. To maintain the standard and create customer loyalty, the Company have elected Muslim consultant who is extremely keen on Islam religion to provide advice and control the production process to be conformed to the Islamic principles.



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